Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wigs...revisited and confusing.

Another wig adventure in NYC! I went to Wigs and Plus and tried 3 more wigs on. I wanted to really see myself as a redhead...then I just had fun.

Uh oh.
Remember how I've always wanted to be a redhead? Brown eyes and black eyebrows may thwart that goal.
On the mannequin that was a lovely red. The curls were a bit aged but the color was rich and natural looking. On my looked like a bad dye job. Like a bad half-ass bleach job. Ugh. Dream killer. BUT it was a half/ three quarters wig and IT FIT! Suuuuuper small head over here.

I found a particularly huge and curly brown wig and had to put it on. The color was nice - the highlights were a bit obvious for my taste but the curls at the body - Yes! unfortunately the front of the wig was AWFUL. The associate told me that I should scoot it back so you can see my natural hair line and then spray/gel my little front hairs up against the horrible front of the wig. Um...that didn't really work. But we all know I'm a brunette at least. It's a good thing I got my natural hair color because it's the only one I can pull off.

Then this happened: This wig has alternating dark brown and red strands.  It had lace at the side part (you cut it to your natural hairline) but the lovely thing was that if I pushed the lace pack you could see my side hairline which lays flat and looked perfectly natural.

Something about this wig in person (and the $80 price tag) made me put it back. But I definitely like the super side part! (My mother hates it. What's her deal?)

Now, you remember this wig, right?
I got the quote for the custom sized version for me: $160. I knew it wouldn't be cheap but....I mean. It's bad-ass, right? I think the brown one will be more with the lace front. Oi! But now I don't really want the red one so it's not as much for what I want....What do you think?

Also since you sat through all that hemming and with (faux) FUR!!!!

 I'm thinking I can make the last hat in all cream fur and more upscale and use it in the winter as a big scarf-hood. DIY time!

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