Thursday, November 17, 2016

Monthly Review #29

Oh no...this just crept up on me. I have like no photos of this month. Dammit.

Well what can I TELL you? It was an easy month in terms of styling - I definitely can't JUST airdry in the mornings - it gets all flat and weird. But I can half blow dry or sleep on it wet. I like both of those. And I have been rocking all sorts of half ponies. I like the one that's just the top of my hair, far back on my head best - you can see this in the final photos below. It's doing such nice waves sometimes! I am still analyzing exactly what I can do to encourage those. I haven't had to use the cocoa powder almost at all! it's been weird how well my hair has kept up.

My hair feels really long - I keep catching sight of it in a mirror in a different angle and doing double takes - it's like down my back and looks like so much hair. I love it. But the split ends - especially from the back of my neck - are too much. I'm trying to snip them off one by one. I will prevail!

I said LIKE no photos....I do have some, and my selfie game is getting stronger as the hair gets longer: