Thursday, June 15, 2017

Monthly Review #36 - Measuring 3 Years!

Ah friends, it's been 3 years! So I know you want that measurement photos. The longest strands are at 21" (maintaining my growth rate of ~7" per year) but of course the bulk comes in around 19.5" accounting for hair fall and cycles always restarting. I did not straighten it this year so you'll notice the dramatic difference pulling it taught makes to the length.

I met up with a college friend with my hair flowing loose and crazy as it does these days (it's not only gotten longer but larger and more sticking-out-at-every-angle. I love it so much, as you can guess. But when she saw me she said "ah, this is the Alexandra I remember." This made me pretty touched inside that my hair is finally back toward my college hair standards (more on that next month). But also it's very funny because so many friends I've made since I shaved my head and moved to a new city continue to be startled by the length of my hair (upon prolonged gaps in our interactions). Because when they first met me I had almost no hair - so to them this mane is a totally new thing. But perhaps in a year or so they'll be saying "ah, this is the Alexandra I remember."

On that topic, yes I do still intend to shave my head again. And you know, make a wig for myself out of both heads of hair. As you do.

Anyway - pictures of this month. Not too many. Was out and about a lot. Summer is a busy time in the city.