Thursday, December 24, 2015

Monthly Review #18

One year and a half!!

But you, my loyal followers, you're going to rebel for I have let you down. Not only is this super late....but I only took photos thrice....and in the same sweater each be fair one day I had already gotten undressed for bed before I decided to capture my hair so I grabbed the sweater off the top of the laundry. Ugh, now I have wardrobe issues!

Plus....I don't have much to say? My hair looked great on my 26th birthday. The four day hair cycle is still great. I love having this much hair - I keep having real good hair days. It's so great! But those are usually within 36 hours of a shower so I accept that once my hair gets much longer I'll be shortening the cycle in order to have consistent good hair. Yay for the future!

I have been trying to shorten my hair washing by really concentrating and going in a routine order (nape, back, right, front, left, middle).

Also scarves are really easy to wear with hair this length - no tangles or a weird look by having long hair be trapped and pushed up around the scarf. Win!....if it ever gets cold. Knock on wood that it won't.

First 5, middle 4, last 3 (different dates - since there're no sartorial clues)

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Monthly Review #17

Holy god. I'm so completely inundated in school right now that the 15th didn't even phase me. Guys - I'M LATE getting to you and I didn't even realize!!

Okay so this month....what did happen this month. BRB, reading last month. Oh wow.... not much has changed since then. I worry I won't ever run out of shampoo because every shower I put more water in the bottle, shake and then use it => infinite shampoo! After 4 days of no washing your hair is OILY - like clumped in it. And my hair is decently thick so it's just a LOT to get through. That's why I water it down. After wetting my hair in the shower I can take the bottle in my right hand and use my left to lift pieces of hair away from each section of the scalp and to allow the bottle to squirt this watery soap in a direct application. Then I use my hand to lather up real good so the soap extends down the hair shaft. I even tip my head over to get the nape of my neck and tip it back to get my washing a child's hair. But goddamn a lot of hair is coming out of my scalp - during the showers, during regular life. It's annoying. I'm just starting to get worried - you know? But I haven't observed any split ends, yet! It feels thick and healthy even at the ends...I don't know! GAH. I also have hair insecurity about the size of my ponytail - it's like a nickel in quarters or half dollars here....a nickel. :(

I do a lot of half-updos so that I can get it off my face (a ponytail still looks weird to me. like a little puff tail.) If I want a more severe ponytail I pull the top into one ponytail holder at the crown of my head and then pull it and the rest of the hair down into one at the nape of my neck. it works....but gives me even more ponytail insecurity since the bottom pony looks so scrawny. I think about this way too much.

When I pull my hair straight the bottom is about an inch below my collar bone - like 5" from the nipple line! By the end of next summer I'll have hair to my mid torso.....and by the time we hit the three year mark the ends should be flirting with my waist. EEE! (then it might be time for another shave ;)...or maybe I'll just enjoy my long locks for a year or two before I shear again....who knows. I am just so in love with having a good bit of hair again. :D

Omg....I only took photos three times this month. Forgive me, oh blogging overlords! I really am swamped with school. I'm so ashamed....or maybe that's how many times I can naturally selfie before my soul needs an exfoliation.