Thursday, December 24, 2015

Monthly Review #18

One year and a half!!

But you, my loyal followers, you're going to rebel for I have let you down. Not only is this super late....but I only took photos thrice....and in the same sweater each be fair one day I had already gotten undressed for bed before I decided to capture my hair so I grabbed the sweater off the top of the laundry. Ugh, now I have wardrobe issues!

Plus....I don't have much to say? My hair looked great on my 26th birthday. The four day hair cycle is still great. I love having this much hair - I keep having real good hair days. It's so great! But those are usually within 36 hours of a shower so I accept that once my hair gets much longer I'll be shortening the cycle in order to have consistent good hair. Yay for the future!

I have been trying to shorten my hair washing by really concentrating and going in a routine order (nape, back, right, front, left, middle).

Also scarves are really easy to wear with hair this length - no tangles or a weird look by having long hair be trapped and pushed up around the scarf. Win!....if it ever gets cold. Knock on wood that it won't.

First 5, middle 4, last 3 (different dates - since there're no sartorial clues)

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