Saturday, April 15, 2017

Monthly Review #34

My hair is BIG. It has somehow just become overtly voluminous...and honestly a little dry. I'm not totally happy about that but I think it looks good!

I never reported on my compromised hair drying style from M32: blow drying one third to one half the way and then sleeping on it is quite effective. Any more than half and it does get a little backwards (not shiny or curly).

I'm also thinking about buying this crazy contraption that snips your split ends only. Usually I'd think it a scam but the reviews are impressive - almost, dare I say, convincing?

I have tried harder with my braids - even did some Kahleesi looking stuff. I can make one side pretty but not the other side. Gah! Also braids just make my hair look so not-voluminous and you know how I feel about volume. Give me volume or give me death! So I rarely wear it in braids. I'm going to try to make bigger looking braids but in the meantime I have gotten quite good at certain braids: fishtail (surprisingly easy?), alternative, and some basic french/dutch braids. Maybe I'll remember to take pictures of them soon. But for now I have very few pictures for you.