Saturday, October 24, 2015

Monthly Review #16

Whoa: My hair got caught under my purse strap. It's a cross body so it hits on the neck - shoulder transition (not full shoulder) BUT STILL.

DOUBLE WHOA: my hair is definitely on my back and not my lower neck now. ahhhhhh. It only took 16 months.

I like it better a little less wavy....but overall looking in the mirror and not being able to tell if I have short hair or my long hair is behind my back is quite comforting. Plus my face's lovely shape is highlighted at this length - particularly the inward sweep between my cheeks and chin. But I'm still trying to get back on the smile therapy bandwagon - you know that theory I have that smiling works certain muscle in your face, causing them to buff or tighten and improve your looks by changing the way your musculature lays on your maxio-facial architecture below your skin.

Okay, So in other news. I made the switch to regular-ish shampoo - not really any conditioner. I use a tiny bit of conditioner to condition my fingers before I try to de-tangle at the end of the shower - that's it. It's kind difficult to work in as it's a shampoo from whole foods. I swear the more eco-friendly the shampoo the harder it is to work with or the less it does. But it's called Curls shea butter curl enhancing shampoo for wavy to curly hair. I might go back to "yes to" after this. I freaking loved their products.
I have worked out a lovely system where I do a full wash with curlz shampoo (very watered down, but worked into a full bodied lather) every 4 days. Day one looks a little dry and volume like what. Day 2 looks like normal people's hair (just a little more limp and controllable than my old hair). Day 3 starts looking a little heavy and shiny. Day 4 is an updo with a headband or other clever pinning. I like the routine of it all.

But I suddenly feel as though my hair is being damaged and breaking prematurely again: more fly-aways and shedding. This month really was the turning point away from short hair.

Also I'm angry at you, my readers, because 95 of you read my last post but didn't have the decency to tell me that I missed the 'u' in 'would'. I think that balances out with the anger you should feel towards me when you see how few pictures I took this month, especially with how late and short this post is.