Friday, February 20, 2015

Monthly Review #8

Just a few days late this month with the review!

Okay remember how when last month ended I was on a not having to wash my hair kick? I know you were patiently waiting for what Lisa (the stylist) said about my unwashed hair. She said it was crazy because it didn't look dry or oily.

Unfortunately I finally got my pillowcases and started sleeping on those instead of the fuzzy body pillow. My hair is back to being oily. Maybe pillowcases are a scam and I should just buy fuzzy ones I can unzip and wash.....

Anyway! Now I have to "wash" my hair with super hot water and scrubbing (my hands get kinda scalded) every 4 days. It's the pits, bro.

But My mother's wedding was in this month. she took us to a salon for updos. You'll see my hair that was aiming to look like Charlize Theron in the Jadore commercial:

And Lisa did a great job - of course curling and pinning every piece of my hair took longer than my mom's hair and make up. But it looked epic - and my mom paid for it... :) But seriously I think there are some hairstyles that just look different with different hair colors. This might have been one of them. You tell me. I also got Drew (the photographer) to shoot a few headshots for my new job.

When I had to do my own hair (booooo) it was easier to make stylish this month. I mentioned it last month - but now it looks like I mean to have  this hair and I can make it look cutesy or mod. All I use is a flat iron and my fingers to tousle and pull into shape. Headbands are now harder to wear because the hair is long enough to flip around the band. I tried with bangs...not good either. I'm just waiting to have enough hair to pin the bangs back. That'll be a great look on me. The last set of shots shows how my hair might wake up after a shower the night before and how 10 minutes with a flatiron coaxes it to style. See you next month!