Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Monthly Review #7

Wow - I suck. No eyelash, dating or monthly updates in over a month. To be fair...I didn't really have a computer for the past 2 weeks. I was also really lazy.

Anyway Dec - January with short hair. DAMN IT'S COLD. and my scarf is really messing up my hair every morning. And I fear wearing hats for the same reason.

I moved to NYC in this time - not having long hair is good on those days. :)

NYE I wore a wig to a party - you know the one: Brass on top black on bottom. CLASSSSSY. And people must have believed it was my real hair because when I drunkenly pulled it off at 2 AM (I mean I was pulling it off all night but ya know) people looked at me open mouthed. Then on the way home I pulled it off and whipped it around my head (I had it back on because it's so cold and synthetic wigs keep you hella warm. A+ in winter.) while drunkenly scream-singing willow smith's "Whip my hair". The wig is still in a pile in the corner of my room a whole month later. And my doorman now knows me by name. Oi.

Other than that I did a lot of working from home in December so not much keeping it tame. I did spike it for something on the 16th (first pictures) and some guy on the train told me two separate times how much he loved it. Unfortunately it falls down quickly. It also gets kinked up if I wear a headband.. Then in January this miraculous thing happened: my hair grew to a point where it looked like a real style. you can see that in the end. And not pictured (I selfied it after the 15th): I can straighten the sides and look mod - the forward swept, curly, crazy bangs actually look kinda cute on my face. Still I battle with my cowlicks unceasingly. The one in front makes this ugly part in my bangs - it must be put to rest!

Showering is a big deal this month - it might be because I was sleeping on a fuzzy body pillow for a while but I went 11 days without washing my hair and it looked fine. Then I "washed" it with the hottest water I could stand (read on the internet) and went another 6 days before I went to the salon for my mom's wedding and the stylist was amazed. But her exact words will be covered in next month's entry since that was on the 17th (how long will you have to wait for that? Suspense!).

And now, my pictures from Dec 15-January 15th:

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