Monday, December 15, 2014

Monthly Review #6

Month 6! Seems like I was only just writing month 5 (ha).

Okay this month has been kind of a roller-coaster ride. My hair looks either spock-ish or a little rocker-esque. Also I got it to stay in a headband in the latter part of the month. Unfortunately this sometimes makes my hair a bit greasy. Plus I'm going to try pinning the back in a little twist around the nape of the neck because I don't want to cut it but it looks mullet-y sometimes and always flips up. All in the midst of job interviews - ack!

I'm trying to develop a shower routine for it - I don't really need conditioner and I'm not sure I want to go back to normal shampoo. I'm sure you've heard of the no-poo method. I've been considering it. I always forget to buy baking soda.


  1. The headband isthe obvious way to wear your hair for the rest of EVER, I loves it!!

  2. As someone that had the privilege of attending college with this lovely woman, it was impossible not to recognize her from her bouncy brunette locks. Great hair! Seriously, it was kind of hard not to be at least a little envious to see someone at breakfast in the morning with hair that just nearly spanked yours in comparison.

    As great as her hair was... I'm sorry... IS! - I'm in 100% support of the Shorned Process. I suppose I've been a lurker of this blog for a little while, but I wanted to say that the picture above with Ms. Shorned sporting a black t-shirt looking at the camera in a silly way... I think that's one of the prettiest pictures of you, ever!
    Hair can sometimes "say a lot about you", or even go the lengths to define you (hah, no pun intended). I know, because I'm growing mine out. Sometimes it's easy to just try to look nice because as long as you've clean hair to your look, you're fine, right? I commend you for this.
    I think at the beginning it may have been a little uncomfortable. As a mostly cis-female when I shaved my head at one point I was unsure my decision to go 'naked' wasn't actually a mistake instead. But things change and things grow, and so did my hair, and so has yours! I think you've reached a lovely comfortable point where you've realized your attitude controls your sexiness and womanhood as much as or even more than a mane of finely-groomed hair.
    In said aforementioned picture you look silly! You look goofy! You're making a silly face! But you know what? It makes me want to be around you. It's fucking inviting. It's awesome. I hate that the word 'raw' is somewhat overused and I don't mean to use its partial definition to mean that you're 'edgy' - but it's raw, in that it's real. It's not a picture where you're posing, wondering which side or angle of the cheeks will be most flattering. It's flat-up silly, and it shines and radiates personality. That's what's beautiful. And you're beautiful!! I really miss Recklessnezz.