Friday, January 15, 2016

Monthly Review #19

Month Nineteen! This month I gave some great fracking hair if I do say so myself.

Nobody can believe that I grew all this hair in a year and a half. Oh hells yeah - I rock. Whoever implies I'm protein deficient because I'm a vegan next is going to get a huge helping of:

Anyway! One of the reasons people have been noticing my hair length lately is because I started blowing it dry. Has my mother been begging me to do this for years? Maybe. Have I vehemently relented and refused? Some might say that. Am I loving it now? I'LL NEVER TELL!

So now my shower has been moved to a morning cleanse with a blow dry after. But not straight away. No. I get out of the shower and put on a turbie-twist. THEN I do all the other things like dry my body, clean my ear canals - you know, the important things. AND THEN I usually figure out what I'll wear and get distracted by a computer (I'm Funemployed right now so this is around 10 or 11 AM). THEN I pull the turbie-twist off and literally whip my hair in every way I can until it is ALMOST dry and my neck is near breaking. I flip my head over and blow dry for maybe a minute on high. Then whip it some more (I may have a death wish). Then use my round brush with directed heat to make sure the top doesn't do that awful half-ass wavy thing (pictured below in the gold shirt early pictures). and VOILA! It's a little frizzy the first day, perfect the second day, a little flat the third day and in an updo the fourth. Before I go to bed on the 4th night I put some essential oil mixture on the ends. Because Why Not? Not because if I didn't use that essential oil mixture my mother bought me and was expensive she'd kill me. That has nothing to do with it.

I have to say that though I have a had a few knots in my hair I haven't yet seen any split ends and it hasn't been cut at all! KNOCK ON WOOD. But seriously - I urge you if you want healthier hair to consider pushing even a few more hours between your hair washings over time. It really does make a difference. If you're not leaving your house one day just don't wash your hair. It's easy!

I'm so excited for another 1.5 years of growth to get to my waist.

Okay and this month I did try to take more pictureeeesss :)

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