Sunday, August 17, 2014

Monthly Review #2

It's that time of the month again! I mean... ugh. It's been two months since I shaved my head. Here are my selfies in chronological order so you can watch it grow! Sometimes I take selfies right after I smear off my mascara or after a shower or right before bed. Also I don't have any selfies of the first week of this month (see last month's post for why). Be on the lookout for cowlicks, puffiness, and spiking.


So this month I outgrew that original spot completely. I also started to have problems with my preferred shower schedule. I like to shower at night - make myself clean before bed. It keeps my sheets fresher and it makes me feel better - like I'm not sleeping in my own filth. Also for my long hair sleeping on it wet made it gorgeous with no work. This is not the best cadence for my current hair. Why? Because sleeping on one side or the other means the top of the hair gets pushed up and the bottom gets pushed down and the middle couple of hairs stick out cartoon style. It's not suave. Next month I'll try to style it?
Barney Rubble

I'm worried I may get a mullet soon? like the back's bottom being as long as the top will look weird? Ahhhh growth vs style.

Okay on the subject of styling. I have an inkling that a cut is going to be in my near future. Have you seen the hair above my ear? I'm a little nervous - I don't want my hair to be shortened in certain places - but I also like certain styles that require shaved sides....oi the growing out will always be fun. I'll post all those hairstyles and more deliberation on that front soon.
On the subject of showers: my hair looks much better a few days without a shower. I'll either have to shower less or start using product. Ugh - future morning time spent on hair!

Here's an interesting thing I've noticed: different parts of my hair feel different. The top is not velvety or silky or smooth - it's like a beaver: THICK. The hairline around the sides and bottom is silky. the middle of the sides and back is kind in between. I think as it becomes longer the silky feel will come back.
Sometimes I still think of myself as having long hair. My resting image of myself has big long full hair. So I am constantly having moments of realization that I don't look like that. Very strange and kind of disenchanting.

If you have any style ideas - I'm all ears!

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