Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Head-lace? +Sequined Headscarves

So I've taken to tying some necklaces on my head.

Honestly I think I've always done this. But now I feel like this should be a real look.

Maybe I should make an etsy where I modify necklaces to be headpieces.

Main problems: they fall off. Maybe I need to adjust the weighting.
Also - the chain looks not so pretty - must extend necklaces all the way around.

Pretty boss, right?

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT. It's not the best look. I GET IT. OKAY? So mean.

So here's some other stuff that might be more normal? These are kind of head-lace meets headscarf.

 It's sold for this purpose so it has to have some fanbase, right?

Johanna Johnson makes these beauties, mainly advertised for weddings. Why can we only have pretty things at weddings?? UGHHHHH.

But seriously - if my hair weren't going to poke out of all of those awkwardly I'd already own them.

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