Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Monthly Review #32

So I'm waging an ongoing battle to strike the right balance between curl/shine and volume. I like big hair. You know that! but I also want more defined, lustrous curls. What makes volume? a quick bent over blow dry. What makes shine and definition? sleeping on wet hair. So I've been trying to get it right but what I'm finding is sleeping on my hair makes it super flat, super fast. and the curl pattern is uneven (I think that's because it's so cold that I really am sleeping in one position for long stretches) in the summer I'll roll around more which gives more opportunity for my hair to get tossed about and dry on all sides evenly). So my next experiment is going to be to give my head a quick blow dry before getting into bed - not all the way through but enough to get some umph before I entrust the hair gods overnight.

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