Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Monthly Review #33

My hair has busted through what hairstylists have referred to as "the nippleline" (that is the bottom of my hair strands now hangs closer to earth than my nipples when I am upright). It's about three inches from my waist and I estimate that next April it'll be the right length to shear it off again. At least - we'll see how long it can get in another year. I think some people are predisposed to never grow their hair past a certain point (mine is my waist) but I could be wrong. Fingers crossed.

I put my hair in a top knot the other day and you could really tell that the ends of my hair are a different color than the roots - that oxidation that I talked about when I first shaved it!

Ugh - my hair keeps getting caught underneath me during adult activities when I am on my back. It's infuriating. And the longer it gets the harder it is to pull it out from under me. I'm going to snap my own neck trying to get it loose one of these days! And the sex tangles are frustrating as ever. But I deal.

Confession: I have been bad with my resolution to braid more. I have been extremely busy this month and basically forget it's braid day until I need to have left my house for work 4 minutes ago. Also my hair looks so small in braids that I don't tend to like the looks.


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