Thursday, January 26, 2017

Monthly Review #31

I have been thinking lately that my hair was not nearly as nice as it was in college. I watched a video of me and just thought it's not nearly as full and curly and lucious as it was back then. Then I was doing something in my room when my eye caught the swing of my hair in the mirror and I realized it doesn't look as full but cause I still don't have that much hair!

Anyway - my hair has started to look really lovely after I started using Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner; custom soap based on your hair and your hair goals. It's taken a while to work; the first couple washes my hair was not so happy. But now it looks good! But I also have started using an Invisibobble style hair tie - that works so much better than I would have expected. See the pictures below and it never makes a crease in my hair. I quite like it.


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