Thursday, September 22, 2016

Monthly Review #27

Oh man! I am late and just not many pictures. But I think the ones that are here are good? My hair is seeming so long - and yes month 27 seemed like a "full" month...until the end. But, alas - the damage is done. I started using the dryer on cold. I'm trying to sleep on it wet instead of blow drying in month 28 - will let you know how that plays out. Also - I'm averaging closer to 5 days between washings than 4 now. That cocoa brushed in about a half inch from the scalp with a foundation brush and then combed - it's excellent! Body for days! I'm sure when I use that powder nobody can tell my hair has been though days and nights and workouts galore. But it is hard to distribute at the crown of my head down the back...I can't see! and it's slowly coloring my comb brown. Maybe I should just own a brown comb. And sometimes I'll run the brush over my eyelids if I'm leaving the house - some eyeshadow without trying ;). It's funny that the photos are kinda in order of what my hair looks like from right after to right before a washing: piece-y and sqiggly to more congealed and loopy.

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