Sunday, October 16, 2016

Monthly Review #28

Everybody has different hair. I love my hair. And some things we cannot change. But there's one thing about my hair I would like to change. Really just one - in a magical world I can make it grow 8 inches in a month or double in volume and look like some kind of ad. But when you boil it down to one change that would make my life easier and better and happier it is this: I'd like to have fewer short hairs at the front - those make up the annoying flyaways. the part that makes it look like your ponytail just couldn't wrangle the front of your hair. Not in the cute way where a chunk falls around your face - no. We're talking about these short hairs that never made it into the ponytail, but because they are curly and great in number they fluff out like krusty the damn clown. I mean damn, can a girl catch a freakin' break? And I know that it's probably a signal that I have hairs of that length growing to become the longer hairs at any given time but still...I hate them. And the only way to conquer them? hairspray. I can bobby pin all day....because if I use bobby pins, that's when I'll be working them into my hair to tame these stray hairs as the wind or physical stress or my own sweat gives them new freedom: all day. And I hate hairspray. It's the worst. I want to be able to run my fingers through my hair at any given moment.

This month I saw my family for the Jewish high holidays and they mentioned the lack of shine in my hair. But I prefer volume to shine so I let that slide right off me. (on that: stay tuned for next month - I may have tried conditioner again and you'll want to see).

And I went to Minneapolis and stayed in a hotel - I didn't really anticipate the way sleeping on other sheets in another town would make my hair straighten. It was strange how much the curls fell out after sleeping on them - I tried to bring them back with a bun and some water but I ended up just ironing out a few waves and going with a voluminous, though straight, style.

Other than that - a normal month. Pictures:

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