Sunday, August 21, 2016

Monthly Review #26

So in this 26th month I am using more soap than ever. Stupid switch to the passionfruit shampoo! But I love my hair so much - all big and squiggly. That's my word for it. It's not quite wavy or curly - it's squiggly! I think the bottoms might be getting healthier? Or maybe the way it grows is cyclical in such a way: I swear some months it looks like it got so much longer - but only the scraggly bottoms; then other months it looks like it didn't get longer but the bottom gets fuller. Month 26 seems like a scraggly month - and so far (spoiler alert!) 27 is seeming like a full month.

As it's HOT AF in NYC right now (especially underground), I've been pulling it up a lot. Now I can put it up with just one bobby pin or a sturdy straight pin. I bring it up into a mid-height ponytail slightly to my right then grab the end toward the base of the ponytail and take the loop that is made to the left as I twist it then use the pin against my head on the left to gather hair at the scalp then dip into the top of the twisted loop then push back on it in towards the scalp. It sticks very well and I can decide to tuck the ends in or let them curl out a bit as I twist.

So I watched a long youtube video about wigs (on 1.5x speed - that's my secret to not getting angry at longwinded vloggers) and got excited for when I have no hair again...but looking at these pictures....UGH I LOVE HAVING MY HAIR; I HAVE SUCH GREAT FREAKING HAIR. How will this go down in a year? a shave? another year of waiting? STAY TUNED!

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