Sunday, July 31, 2016

Monthly Review #25

Oh I am late to post this. BUT I gotta tell you - my hair feels so long - and so big! On my hair washing days it looks like I put my finger in a socket before I left the house....but I loveeeeee it. Big hair is my absolute delight. I do it by letting my hair air dry (after the 2 turbie twists have been sodden) for about 15 minutes (flicking it around a few times) then I flip my head over and blow dry from above and blow, pointing toward the scalp. But it does make the ends a little dry...I try to oil them but that seems futile, too....still experimenting with many oils and other moisturizing things.

So a few months ago I wrote about finally moving from a coconut body wash to a passion fruit shampoo and how excited I was. I did it...and I'm not super excited. The new shampoo doesn't seem to be moisturizing my hair significantly more but it does require much more pumps of soap to lather my scalp. It smells good...but only in the shower...What's the point of that? But on the upside - since I need many more pumps of soap per shower I expect it to go away quicker and I can decide what to do sooner.

I also did something this month that I'll write about soon....eyelash perming.


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