Thursday, June 23, 2016

Monthly Review #24

So this month I got a new phone as you can tell from the differently sized pictures....this will be a pain on the stages of growth page. UGH.
Anyway - it was the last month in the 2 years I rounded out. And it was great. I have lovely hair that pretty much does what I want without much hassle. The split ends are appearing at the ends (because, blow drying) and well...what can you do? though I love it I am kinda starting to feel the itch to buzz it again....maybe a quick look over those awkward in between phases will give me pause. But I wouldn't shave it for at least another year if not 2. We'll see.
Showering is the same as ever. And styling continues to be good but my hair is now too long for its clip. It has to be folded over before being, bro. Soon I won't be able to use it the same way. Boo frickedy hoo!
I love my hair - but it's hot, y'all. Pictures for you:

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