Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Monthly Review #3

Wow! Three months. Well that flew by. I'm still not totally in the reality that I did this. My resting image of myself still has long hair.

That having been said it is SO hard to keep myself on the growth path. Before I shaved I visited a lot of sites of women who had shaved who had kept it shaved for years after. I was basically like "well they must not love their hair like I love mine."

I stand corrected. I want to shave my head again every time I see it. The shaved head is so much more feminine and sexy and daring than this short hair. But I will persevere back to long hair. I may shave it again. I may not. I don't pretend to know the future and what future Alexandra will want.

So without further adieu, My selfies from the month!

So this month I've had to start styling. Boy howdy have my cowlicks gotten in the way. I have seen two options for my hair at this length: Patted/ slicked down against my head and spiked/puffed up. I've worked them both (as seen above). But I have thus far refused to use product on my hair so I've never had it slicked down or actually spikey.

Okay. This is going to sound kinda gross. But my hair looks the best when I haven't washed it in days. Like 2-5 days without a wash and it accumulates just enough oil to be manageable. I have not gone more than 6 days without washing my hair (though honestly after day 3 it doesn't seem to get any more gross?). I do still wash my body daily. And I soak/spray my ears with salt water 2x a day so the area around my ear gets wet but not soapy. (I got a bunch of ear piercings to show off when my head was shaved but they still haven't healed and pretty soon my hair is going to be covering the piercings entirely!

Here's the most annoying thing: the cowlick on the right back crest of my head is difficult and every night I seem to sleep on it funny so I wake up with crazy sticky-outy hair just in that one spot and I have to wet it and then finger comb every strand into place and down. It feels like wasted time when the night before it looked fine!

Alas: this stage is a little uncomfortable. I feel boyish and like I have to spend way too much time on my hair. Grow, hair, grow!

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