Friday, October 3, 2014

Eyelashes P1

I'm embarking on a journey to make my eyelashes larger. With the lack of hair this will be even more noticeable. Also as I've talked about my current haircut not being as feminine sometimes I feel a little better with some mascara on and who doesn't like long eyelashes?

I'm game to try the following.

Coconut Oil, Growth Serum, Eyelash Perming, and Eyelash Extensions.

I'm talking eyelashes like these (these are the magic of eyelash extensions - mm mm good):

So for the past 6 weeks I have been using coconut oil(pure, unrefined, cold pressed, organic, extra virgin) as a topical application. I put it on in the morning and before bed by scooping out about a half teaspoon amount and letting it dissolve on the upper lid of my eye. then I use the broad side of my finger to push the liquid through my top lashes from above and back up across the lower lid and through the lower lashes. On occasion I even put enough on that it was difficult to see through. The brand I used is below and from Costco: 

Let's see what happened!

Do you see a difference? Because I sure as hell didn't. Sometimes I thought my bottom lashes were more prominent? But really overall I'd say it was a waste. It may have done something to my under eye dark circles? The pictures seem to show that and my mother made a comment. But the pictures also show a lightening of the upper lid and most of my dark circles are on the nose-side of the eye so can't be seen very well here.

So we're on to the next one! I'll be trying RapidLash. Check back in 6 weeks to see the results!

PS: If you were unaware there is a thing called Eyelash transplants. Happy googling!

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