Friday, July 18, 2014


So I've been looking into buying some wigs

I went to Ricky's in NYC to try on wigs (they are open later than the other stores and I work late). Their synthetic wigs run from $30 to $60 and they are pretty normal. I tried on quite a few styles:

 As you can see, I'm never going to be a dazzling blonde or go raven black.
My face was not made to support straight bangs. 
But, damn, can I rock a teal afro!

After much hemming and hawing with the girl at the counter (who was awesome!) I went home with these two synthetic, two-tone, 24", side bang wigs on super sale for $10 each.

Now of course I want an arsenal of wigs. But if I step back for a minute....where would I wear them? I shaved my head so I could rock the look!
I have been thinking that I'm always cold at work and really what does a professional hat look like?! (leave that in the comments if you find one!) So I could get a natural looking wig to keep me warm in the office (wouldn't my coworkers plotz!). But it sounds so boring! I want big big BIG wigs, exciting wigs, things I would never do to my natural hair, lengths I could never grow. And big red curls - I always wanted to be a redhead. 

Also here's something you never think about, but I started to understand as I kept having to over-tighten my wigs on my head (yes - they have these bra strap looking things on the inside that you adjust to fit your head. When I read about this I thought it couldn't possibly work. It does.) My head is tiny. Like 'one size fits all' kinda, sorta, barely 'this wig ends halfway down my neck' fits me. 

Wondering how to measure your head? Get out yer soft measuring tapes!

So my measurements are 21"-13"-11". That's right, friends. My head apparently stopped growing during childhood. Micro-cephalic over here. Jeeeeeez.

I gave myself a budget of $250 for wigs (including the $20 already spent on the above). After looking at wigs on the internet I decided I could go with two plans:

1) Buy a ton of cheap wigs. I could wear them once or a thousand times. Then I can donate them if I get bored. (Who wouldn't want my gently used wig?!) Or stack them to make combinations. Wig stacking is boss. These queens may need the extra hair to hide their guns - I need more hair because I was raised in Texas - Bigger is better and your hair can always be bigger.

2) Ask one of the Etsy wig artists to make me three really big lovely wigs from photos I love. These might actually fit my teeny head. I would then be able to get clip in crazy colors/chaulk if I wanted to be exciting.

So I need your help. Review my wigs and tell me which is a better plan!

Proposal One (many cheap wigs) Here's what I want, they are all links:
$20 Something along the lines of my real hair.
$32 but really full - no stacking required. I wonder if the curls will hold. Also a bit light.
Pretty pastel, $13, a little thin but I could stack it on top of this next one:
Purple...because for $10, why not?
$13 Lighter purple
$14 - how cute is this?
$29 I'd have to cut some style into the top or top it with this next one:
$14 I love this shape!
$50 I love these red curls but it's a half wig - then again maybe that would fit my tiny head correctly?
$50 This is a full wig in the same color and with a similar perma-curl as above. But the hairline is horrifying.
$60 - I could use this as a base for the half wig?
$20 Or I could just be Merida?

Proposal Two (few quality wigs) Here is my inspiration:
The size and texture of the brunette wig:

That's a LOT of hair, right? I fucking love it. More!

And then for a colored wig I love this
 and have thought about this (right):

As far as the red is concerned I love this hair but I need the volume more toward the top
 and maybe more of this red color:

I have also found the person I'd ask to make the wigs for me: 
Look at the hairline on that wig!! It's fracking flawless. And I love that wig - I just want it bigger and curlier. She has tons of impressive wigs and a great story. I love her store. But they ain't cheap.

So what do you think? Have I lost my mind? Is one plan better than the other? Help me decide!

  Also I'd totally buy a wig like this:
Right? This is boss.

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  1. I think you'll like the looks of the better quality custom wigs more, and feel more comfortable wearing them, wear them more often. Whereas the cheaper ones will fall apart fast and you probably won't be able to get them to do what you want them to do. But DEFINITELY do some purple. So lovely