Sunday, May 15, 2016

Monthly Review #23

WHOA! We are so close to the 2 year mark! I am aware that I am far overdue for a post of all those silly dudes and their messages. I'll get on that. I got bunches.

I'm still on about the 2 turbie twists post shower. As you can see below I've been doing less straightening in the blow dry process. Really now it's just a volume thing (did you know you should be blow drying from the bottom to the top?!) So after the 2nd turbie comes off and about 10 minutes before I leave for work (which is going great in case you care) I do a quick, hot blow dry with my head flipped over (without falling forward off my 5" stilettos, god help me) and then right side up. I really enjoy the resulting curls and if I feel it's looking frizzy I can just shove it in a clip for an hour and when I bring it out it's calmed down ever so slightly. The walk to work on shower day I feel like I'm on a runway. And I have the catcalls to prove that may not be just my own private reality. The next day it's still big but not as obviously. 3rd and 4th days end up being (half) updos. And I did try to get better at braiding this month....but crayyyyyp it's hard! I'm still practicing. Future Alexandra will be good at it, I swear!...just not sure how old that future Alexandra is.

In terms of damage mitigation - I put oil and/or conditioner in my hair from the mid level down before the shampoo at the top (only). I have ALMOST run out of that coconut body wash.....I gotta go buy a new one (passion fruit!) before I realize I have no soap in the shower...eek.

Can you tell that I have transitioned to wearing my beautiful work clothing instead of my gym tshirts 24/7? Also: I've gained 3 lbs since February but it must be muscle because THOSE CHEEKBONES - godddamn, girl. Okay, I'm done now. But seriously I missed having long hair specifically because the dark hair behind the curves of my face is real good stuff.

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