Friday, April 22, 2016

Monthly Review #22

Oh guys. I'm so late in getting this out. I'm sorry. My other blog is coming up on a big big post of gardening so I'm crazy with that.

But no excuses - let's talk hair. I'm consistently taken aback by how much I have now.

It is looking a little damaged at the ends - but I'm trying to keep it in check. In the shower I'm trying to protect the hair by either oiling the mid-ends before I get in or putting on conditioner on the ends before I rinse out the shampoo. Lots of hair is being lost. It's a damn tragedy. I am getting 5 days between hair washings even though I'm crossfitting 4x a week now (MTWTh). It looks great days 1-3 and good days 4 and 5.

My showers are after the gym and I now have a job so I've been showering after the gym and wearing 2 different turbie twists (one when I get out for a few minutes and then switch to the new dry one when the first has absorbed to its capacity) then when I leave for work I pull the hair up with my left hand and twist it into a weird twisty bun and then use a clip that looks like a figure 8 that has been bent horizontally and cut vertically. I can't find a picture on the interwebs so you may never know what it looks like. I go to work with it wet and then allow it to dry throughout the day - ending the day with it down. Over the next couple days I do what looks good (and I always have a clip and a hairband at my desk) - in the last couple days having the top or the whole thing up is necessary to camouflage the residual oil but it's fine. I brush it gently and thoroughly every night before bed.

I am still working on the coconut body wash from last post. Also...I think my laser place shut down after I paid for a year of treatment. Womp womp. Should I start getting my eyelashes curled or extended every month? Ah the anxiety of disposable income.

Enjoy these pictures! (I employed some great selfie techniques this month to balance out the carelessness of other months. Also long hair is more fun to selfie.)


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