Friday, August 21, 2015

Monthly Review #14

Month 14! yeah. A guy guessed my hair had been growing for "a year and a half" the other day so I'm KILLING IT, BROS.

This month was exciting - I can finally use a ponytail holder for my ponytail instead of bobbypin illusions. Thrilling, I know.

Actually it really is. Ponytails are fucking awesome. The front still falls out a little but I love the ease and having the band around my wrist.

This month I got 6-7 days between hair washing -booooyaaaaa. Think of all the minutes I have saved this past year+ from not being in the shower every night. Probably negated by the longer showers and the googling of how to make rye flour shampoo....oh well...learning! (though maybe I'll be abandoning that method in the future...more learning!) But, I captured a small diet coke bottle (empty) from my roommate and have been using it to make shampoo - the mixing is still a pain but not nearly as large. Hooray. The rye gets in everything and I think dries out my hair a bit much?

For styles I am mainly wearing it down and pinning the front back. People think it's much longer than it is - quite the versatile length. Still not super attractive in my book - but soon?

PS: you can track the progress of two zits on my face in the pictures below - another thrilling part of this blog.


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