Monday, July 20, 2015

Monthly Review #13

It's all starting to feel like a dream - cutting all my hair off.

Does it really only take a year to let the past slip into a far away place?

As a short preview into the future (since I'm writing 5 days late) I think I might finally be over the hill of really short hair - It's looking good again! Knock on wood, of course.

This month started out in morocco. The dry heat dried my hair after the pool quite nicely but I swear the whole time my hair felt gross to the touch. TMI? Ugh. Their water has a lot more mineral density than ours. It took two washes stateside to make it feel non-gummy anymore. But all in all I really had to give up on having it look good this month. Just not a great one. That's why there are so few pictures this month. Oops!

The main issue is that the hair around my ears curls about them in such a way that does not flatter my face and refuses to be pinned for long. once it gets a little more weight or less humidity I'm sure it'll be fine. but this month was not wonderful for that reason. I am pinning the sides back so it looks like a loose ponytail. I quite like that look but it hasn't elicited any super compliments yet. You'll see it in monthly review 14!

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