Monday, June 15, 2015

Monthly Review #12

A full year.

Just soak that it for a second.


Well I just had a big post on cleaning. So I'll talk about how good my hair looked at some parts of this month and how the humidity killed the aesthetic appeal of my hair.

So I went to a friend's wedding and pinned my hair up - somehow that night my hair was on point even by the end of the wedding. The key? Straight hairpins. Oh not alone - you use bobby pins first. (remember to watch how to lock a bobby correctly) But the straight hairpins make it all hold together. They look like tall Us with a squiggle in the middle and to use them you capture the hair you want to hold in the cradle and then go into the stabilizing hair (on your head but in the wrong grain direction) a little before pulling back a little and pushing all the way the other direction into the hair. I can't find the video I saw explain this best and the others I watched kinda sucked. Pins work by instigating a useful and pretty tangle.

I also had a great hair weekend at my cousin's Bat Mitzvah - My mom used some Styler thing (it spins) on the top of my head and I pinned up the back but even when I let out the back after services it still stayed lovely. A+...except that thing is WAY too tricky for me.

One of my roommates was keen to see my hair straight so that's pictured here, too. Unfortunately it doesn't last long because there's not enough weight to pull it down past my ears (it curls around them) and the humidity isn't helping with that. Speaking of which - that damn humidity is prematurely killing my volume!

You'll notice a lack of bangs - they're long enough to kinda pull back or sidebang.

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