Monday, March 16, 2015

Monthly Review #9

Full disclosure: my hair is making me nuts.

I just thought even if it gives me anxiety maybe this revelation would give some feelings of elation to those that were jealous of my easy long hair before. At least it'd be good for something then?

So....month 9. My body could have made a baby by now but instead it's just given me these 4.5 inches of hair. Good freaking job scalp.

Right now I am in a massive conundrum of trying to preserve my hair for when these ends will be back down at my waist. But I'd give large chunks of my liver to have the growth rate double....or more. I looked at this shampoo that has a good following of people raving that they grow hair 2x as fast and ranting that it dries the hell out of their hair and made it fall out.....I can't in good faith put that on my scalp.

I was trying again for the "self-cleaning" hair dream that I had before. I think it only works at that length. I showered only with water or not at all for a few weeks and I went back to sleeping on the fuzzy doesn't look terrible and it doesn't get worse....but it looks like I haven't showered in 3 days (even if it's been 10, so that's a plus?).

But my scalp...JESUS! It is shedding and itching like no tomorrow. My scalp eczema is back to a decent extent. And my face feels greasy constantly.

So much as I wanted to be one of those people who doesn't need to clean their luck.

I consider re-shaving my head like 4-8x daily. It looked so much better than now. But every time I see long hair I just want it so bad. No instant gratification for me.

I've been commandeering the Kris Jenner haircut by pinning the back/ sides of my hair. Good thing I know how to lock a bobby (including the life changing video so you can do this, too):

I'm just going to say this: The real way to get around how weird may hair looks? Make up. You've seen my shaved head. My face can hold it down. Now that the hair is giving me negative points for beauty (not just's just bad) I just put on a bit of mascara (you can't wear blush without foundation in winter it doesn't contour it just makes your face look red) and sometimes some undereye circle concealer and boom. I'm working it just a little more. Or at least I remember that I'm beautiful...that's more important than actually being beautiful. And any damn day now I might actually go get my eyelashes curled like I've been talking about for what....MONTHS?

So long story short I'm on the hunt for products that encourage healthy hair growth and don't leave build up or force my hair to overproduce sebum (so I can keep my hair washing to under ever 5 days). Nourish my natural curl but force some serious volume (okay I can wait on the short hair is pretty good at getting up). Of course, they must be vegan.

I obviously have a long wait until my bombshell hair days are back and I want it to be perfect when it comes to that. And in between I'd like volume and curls and dimension. If you know of anything I should try let me know....though I'm also skeptical of the whole foods styling department because my hair was always best with a super harsh shampoo/conditioning regimen implemented daily + jersey cotton pillowcases. I refuse to have flat hair. I want my big bouncy curly-waves and I'd like for them to be even longer than before.

I'm also considering the City's water....maybe I'll invest in that T3 shower head to strip out the chlorine? Maybe somebody could sneak into the Lamont showers on the 2nd floor and take a water sample so I could know what my hair loves? Even when I moved to CT my hair had began a stead decline....that was secretly one reason I chopped it...not as much bounce and volume as before.

Okay...alright... pictures. I slacked this month....

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