Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Monthly Review #20

Damn my hair is long!

Number one thing mentioned in my conversations this month? "OMG! Your hair - is it... longer than mine?" Yes, yes it is. All of my NYC friends had never seen me with long hair so it's weird to be  constantly changing my looks.

And it keeps getting caught under every bag on my shoulder.

I am getting 5-6 days between showers because funemployment means nobody important sees me some days. I've run out of shampoo and am now using body wash....I keep forgetting to order more. AND I'm still bummed about the yes to tomatoes line being discontinued.

I am thinking of buying up all the modal beech jersey knit pillowcases I can find on amazon. Those there the kind I had that kept my hair in big curly tumbles in college and I'm getting them back. Also, they too will soon be discontinued. IS THIS A PATTERN?! A product works and they get rid of it. Conspiracy, my friends. Somebody is definitely out to get me....what else is new?

I did mainly blow dry my hair the same way as last month - once I let it curl. But I think I'm starting to see damage. Every so slight....but damage. Also....the grey is getting out of control. I pluck at least one a week! Okay...so they're about an inch long when I pluck them...and it takes 8 weeks to grow an inch so there are probably no more than 16 of them. So like .01%....Alright. I'm gonna stop complaining...but I wish my electrologist would zap them! But she's not into it. Oh well.

Also - I got very many pictures in this month. And I'm only one day late. You're welcome.

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