Thursday, June 23, 2016

Monthly Review #24

So this month I got a new phone as you can tell from the differently sized pictures....this will be a pain on the stages of growth page. UGH.
Anyway - it was the last month in the 2 years I rounded out. And it was great. I have lovely hair that pretty much does what I want without much hassle. The split ends are appearing at the ends (because, blow drying) and well...what can you do? though I love it I am kinda starting to feel the itch to buzz it again....maybe a quick look over those awkward in between phases will give me pause. But I wouldn't shave it for at least another year if not 2. We'll see.
Showering is the same as ever. And styling continues to be good but my hair is now too long for its clip. It has to be folded over before being, bro. Soon I won't be able to use it the same way. Boo frickedy hoo!
I love my hair - but it's hot, y'all. Pictures for you:

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Measure Twice, Cut once - two years of growth

Do you know how much more difficult it is to measure over a foot than under one?

Well you can't use your normal lightweight ruler. I could have used a string and then measured the string but that wouldn't yield excellent pictures!! So I had my roommate take this awkward picture to prove that I indeed have 12-14" of hair. 12" is the black mark so my fingers are on the 14" holding the very ends.

The bulk of hair comes in between 12.25 and 13.25 with the longer strands being to the 14" mark. And it looks long. The very bottom is at my nipple line (I didn't just make that term up - it's a thing). which means that my hair will hit my waist in under 3 years! (think next February-April, winning.)

So I'd love to believe that my sustained elevated growth rate has something to do with all the washings/ blow dries I don't do but that would be entertaining my confirmation bias (if you don't know what that is look it up - it might change your life! or it might just reinforce what you already suspected. Ha. I'm so funny. See what I did there?). In reality it could be any number of things: not brushing it harshly (that ripping sound hurts me to my core), my nutrient packed diet (vegan ftw), my genetics - have you seen my nails?, maybe even just my happiness in being in the best city in the world. Whatever - IT GROWS FAST - that's all I know!

Let's talk about one last thing: I use this against people. Any vegan will tell you the question we hate the most (actually there are a few) is "But, where do you get your protein?" or "How do you get enough protein?" The implication being of course that we don't get enough....actually sometimes they aren't even socially acceptable enough to let their horrified eyes make that implication - they'll straight up launch into a story about what happens when you don't get enough or how they are a med/nutrition professional and NEED to know how I balance my diet while the guy next to me scarfs a burger with animal fat globules visible from feet away - in any event I love to counter with "Actually - protein deficiency presents itself in many ways but the most visible is probably hair loss and decreased growth. As you can tell I don't have that problem and I can tell you my precise growth rate - it's 15% faster than average. I think I get enough protein."

And for you, some semi-funny out-takes: