Thursday, March 17, 2016

Monthly Review #21

So - when does one officially move from "mid-length" to "long" hair. Because I've been canoodling with that line for a bit now.

My hair is long enough that when I reach around to it from the back I can grab it - and really grab it not just wrestle for the long tendril. The longest part has just passed the bottom of my shoulder blade - bend your elbow with your hand on your back and feel that on your body - the bottom of a shoulder blade is DOWN far. I'm calling it. 21 months (or shorter?) to LONG hair.

So let's play "How lazy is Alexandra?" - remember how last month I was complaining that I ran out of shampoo and was just using body wash (because it's like the same stuff - I compared the ingredients between the bodywash and shampoo - ginger vs coffee berry extract was the difference)? Well that happened about 2 weeks before that blog it's been 6 weeks since I ran out of shampoo.....I'm still using body wash. I know you're positively turned on by how well I take care of myself. But seriously - bodywash works. Here's what I'm using: Alaffia Everyday Coconut from WFM. (I'm secretly really excited to exhaust this bottle (that I bought December 2014 and am 2/3 the way through) so I can buy the new passion fruit one that smells SO FRACKING GREAT (yeah I'm the girl inhaling the body wash scents at WFM). I can't wait for that to pungently fill my shower - mmmmmmm! (but I guess I can wait since most people I know would just chuck their 1/3 of coconut in a bathroom cabinet and but the passion fruit one... try some self control ya wasteful ones!)

OMG CONDITIONER. That stuff makes it so much easier to maneuver through your hair in the shower! But I don't use it all that often. I am using it as shaving cream (I'm back to getting laser - it requires shaving before treatment - the new IPL lasers are freaking amazing and amazingly cheap, btw. There's no reason for you not to be getting this, other than that you like your hair). Yeah - I can make things multitask. Averaging 4 days between hair washings. The gym (MWF) is making it tricky to shower on that schedule - why would I wash my hair 12 hours before I go to the gym??

I did some curly, some blowout this month. One set shows how it air dries before (and after) I blow it straight (check the black shirt with yellow writing). I do try to let it air dry as much as possible so the heat is as quick as I can make it = less damage (knock on wood). Sometimes it went better than other times. Mainly pictures are the good times. My high ponytail is impressive right now BTW - maybe I'll picture it for next month. If you're lucky, of course.